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Actor's Audio is a distribution company for unique, high quality audio programs that in many cases will not be available anywhere else. Like great literature, great audio programming appeals to the imagination. The best audio programming uses great acting, sound design and musical scores to engage the listener and stimulate the mind. Our programs will be character and story driven, and produced to make the listener see. Actors and vocal performance will be at the heart of all our programming.

How Actors Make Money And Create Careers

"...based on forty years of continuous successes, JoBe talks to his readers as if telling stories from his living room"


When I went to college, there were no books that explained how actors make money. There was no model business plan for an actor to find work. The books were just basic introductions to getting headshots, writing resumes, finding agents, preparing audition monologues, and introductions to the unions. There was no successful business model for actors to emulate and adjust to their needs...


The Taylor Street Files

"A sharp murder mystery held together by likeable charaters" -KIRKUS REVIEWS

THE TAYLOR STREET FILES: Chicago has always been a hotbed for violence, crime and political corruption. Four governors served sentences; two of them were sentenced to longer jail sentences than their terms of office. There are always more crimes than cops.

During Prohibition, Detective Tug Collier created the Widows and Orphans' Fund, a euphemism for graft money. That fund eventually financed a private investigation agency known as Taylor Street...